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WELCOME to my Art World! I'm Melissa. Most days you can find me in our Metal Working Studio wearing Blue Overalls and a Red Headband with One Blazin’ Torch and Inky Press Hands. I’m a Printmaking Artist Sculptor who was raised in a family setting of Pennsylvania Folk Artists then Trained in a Harvard-like Art School in London. I love Cheeseburgers, Grandparents, Picnics and Strength Training. I’m a single woman raising one special sprite Girl, a flock of 9 Hens and one Bunny named Storm. 25 years as a Metal Working Studio Artist with my Lifetime Partner, Val Bertoia, I Make Art to Serve Your Inner Peace some Raw Renewal Energy.  I'm a 4th Generation Artist, 35 yr Printmaker, Sculptress, Blogger, Self-Published Author, Teacher, Sculpture Pathway Maker and Mother. On a Good Day, you can hear me Making up Words to Songs and Dancing with Frogs. I Believe Life Happens for You and Everyday Zen Rooms with Art always bring you a Peaceful Mystery to Self-Discovery.
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