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WELCOME to a Mystery that helps you find your natural emotions with ART.  I'm Melissa.  Most days you will find me in a Metal Working Studio with Overalls, Headband and Inky Press Hand that hold a Brazen Torch.

Raised in a Family Setting of Pennsylvania Folk Artists then Trained in a Harvard-like Art School in London.  I love Cheeseburgers, Grandparents, Picnics, Minimalists and Metalworking.   Printmaking Sculptress & Metal Working Studio Artist with Life Partner, Val Bertoia.

We Make Art for Self-Discovery & Positive Change in the Human Experience.  Art that Serves You a Raw Renewable Energy for Sustainability with Inner Peace.

4th Generation Artist, 35 yr Printmaker, Sculptress, Blogger, Self-Published Author, Teacher, Sculpture Pathway Maker and Mother.   

I Believe Life Happens for You and Everyday Zen Rooms with Art make Self-Directed Brain Changes Last a Lifetime.
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